Van Buren by Brahms Mount

Formerly known as "Starry Night," Van Buren has the texture of a hand-embroidered needlework piece, featuring surface interest to this flat-weave cotton blanket, which was one of the first in the Brahms Mount collection. Lovely in a well-lit room, where light reflects off the diamond-shaped pattern. All Brahms Mount blankets and throws are made in the USA.

Twin 72” x 90”
Full 80” x 90”
Queen 90” x 90”
King 110” x 90”

All Brahms Mount blankets and throws are pre-washed and pre-shrunk. While they have the ease of home washing and drying, they are still made of natural fibers and should be cared for accordingly. Special attention is needed when drying.

Wash separately in cold water on a short, gentle cycle, with as much water as possible to allow for movement. Avoid harsh detergents. Use a liquid detergent without bleach or brighteners. Always pre-dilute your detergent.

Careful drying is important. Tumble dry on a delicate setting, low heat. Remove promptly. Do not overdry.

Feel-Good Fibers

Sustainability is not a new idea at Brahms Mount. Natural fibers and earth-friendly practices were woven into the fabric of the company from day one. Every part of the process, from sourcing yarns to manufacturing products, involves making choices with minimal impact. Brahms Mount uses colorfast, eco-friendly dyes to achieve vibrant hues. They follow the safest possible methods to give whites their characteristic brightness. Natural fibers are just that – pure and undyed, with a clean, untreated finish. Feel-good fibers, in every sense.

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