Reversible Rug by Abyss Habidecor

The perfect companion to our Super Pile Towels, these rugs have a devoted following due to their luxurious feel, contemporary style, and durability. Available in the same expansive range of colors, with the bonus versatile “mid-week flip” of the Abyss Habidecor Reversible Rug. Hand-guided tufting and soft, high-quality cotton lend a luxurious and enduring quality to this staple of a well-appointed bathroom.
Machine wash cool or warm. Tumble dry low and remove while still damp to maintain plushness.

First there was Habidecor, a company that looms ravishing rugs for the bathroom. Then came Abyss, a company that creates thick and thirsty bath towels. Now they are one company, and the sum is greater than the two parts.

We assert that these are the finest bath towels and rugs in the world. They hail from an ultra-modern factory in Portugal where everything is cut, sewn and dyed to order. Best part? Towels and rugs are available in the same snazzy and bewitching color palette—60 designer colors.

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