H. Coverlet

Coverlets. Blanket Covers. And, oh my, matelassé! What the heck?

Ok, here's the skinny: Matlassé is the type of fabric, not the actual article of bedding; that's the coverlet (or blanket cover). Matelassé is derived from a French word having to do with quilting. It is the old-fashioned looking textile that has texture woven into it so it looks quilted. It can be made into both coverlets and pillow shams.

The coverlet is the blanket-like article that is layered between the flat sheet and the duvet. It provides an extra layer of warmth in cold months or it is the sole layer of warmth during the summer. And for those who share a bed with someone who has a different internal thermostat, it's another way to regulate happiness!

We like coverlets as part of a bedding ensemble because they add color, texture and functionality to a good night's sleep.

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